Our Values at Fincra

Our Values

Customer Obsession

Our customers are the lifeblood of everything we do and why this company exists. One of the biggest crimes you can commit at Fincra is to take the easier route to solving a problem at the expense of our customer’s experience. Look at it this way: if we had to make a decision that would improve a customer experience, at a cost to us and without any direct benefit to us, we would most definitely opt for it. It’s a no brainer. Customer satisfaction fuels us to work harder in the business of —making the process of moving value as easy as sending a text message.

Love For Our People

Our people are our greatest assets and their behaviour reflects what our values are. They make up the company and the culture. At Fincra, we immensely care about our people and always make best efforts to see that they love the daily job of solving problems while spending time with each other. This is why we strive to make our workplace one of the most fun places to be. 


We communicate clearly, excessively & honestly. At Fincra, we love over-communicators: the type of people who would rather post a TL:DR on Slack or email, than reply with 3 lines, because of the risk of being misunderstood. We are a sharing people, and we find that our company’s Slack channel is the first place most people share their favourite movies. (But we don’t want spoilers, really). We emphasise for our people to be very articulate with their thoughts in writing and in speaking, maintaining your calm, even in tense situations. 

Ownership Mentality

We are a team of individuals who are the CEOs of their roles, and are able to consistently make excellent decisions independently, even in the face of ambiguity or uncertainty. Our people have the creative freedom to design solutions to problems and the responsibility to execute the right results. And even expect the same of your teammates. Fincra strives to provide overall direction and expectations for each team and role, however, we value people who are able to lead and drive initiatives on their own, in line with the direction.

Excellence In All We Do

At Fincra, just being good is not enough, we want people whose personal core value is excellence. We care about the little things, as much as we do the big things, and that’s why you will find us taking something small—like a typo error —as seriously as we would an extra zero in a transaction. At Fincra, 8/10 is good, 7/10 is average and 6/10 is 2/10.


“Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes the small strong, and it makes small numbers formidable. Procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.”—George Washington. 

This is a quote we live by and it transcends in how we conduct ourselves. We have rules that have consequences attached to them, and then we encourage everyone to govern themselves to do what is required. We take being early at meetings very seriously and other things you can imagine would be commonplace with self-disciplined people.


We are passionate and intentional about everything we do. We love people who are crazy about our people, customers, culture, and their jobs. We don’t want people who just try to fit in, but those who are crazy enough to believe they can challenge the status quo. This passion is evident in our work etiquette, and this is why we get tremendous amounts of work done, delivering high quality results.