Our Culture At Fincra

Our Culture

We’re building an infrastructure to usher prosperity across our continent and we require a very strong culture and value system to achieve this. We’re building a rockstar squad! This means we have to be very intentional about the values and behaviours we promote or reward people for. We are a team of highly effective collaborators who are always able to get a tremendous amount of work done. We see ourselves as a family, and are dedicated to our people’s success within and outside work. We generally have high expectations from our people and we richly reward very high performers. We care about openly sharing information with the team, as this fosters alignment, clarity and more teamwork. The more information people have in relation to their work, the better the quality of the decisions they’re able to make.

We are very intentional about what we’re building, and want on board people who are not only committed to our vision, but also to our culture. And for people who reflect our values the most, we’re generous with rewarding them, and are competitive with the compensation. At Fincra, dedicated and eager to learn team players are valued over high performing “jerks”. Frankly, we seriously frown at any tendency to deliver results, at any cost, especially at the expense of the team. We’re all working towards a goal, therefore, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. 

At Fincra, you can’t be told what to do every time. You must be able to think for yourself, make informed judgements, and flesh out ideas. Where you need help, we encourage calling out for your teammates istance. As a company of top performers and rockstars, we aim to pay the best in market price where we can, and in return, we demand that our people deliver best-in-class results consistently.

We care about your life outside of work, and we are always open to making adjustments within reason to ensure you’re able to deliver your best. We like serious people, but please, try to not be so serious all the time. You will enjoy your work more if you have a good sense of humor. We are a group of long term thinkers. We are trying to build something that will last, so we value people who not only think about the current implication of things, but posterity.

Fincra is an inclusive company. We don’t discriminate against any gender, race, religion, age, tribe, sexual orientation and more. We take inclusivity very seriously and do not tolerate any attitude that violates, or in as much as promotes any form of discrimination. We’re the type of company that would go out of our way in a meeting to ensure gender neutral or inclusive words are used.

We are a company of learners in a lot of ways. We don’t expect you to be perfect, and we would prefer if you were hungry for knowledge and willing to share what you know.